This is all of the stories I did this year. I hope you enjoy my stories!

This is when I went to Hershey Park with my family and it was a time I will never forget.

Hershey Park
Last summer we went to Hershey Park when my mom and dad told me the day before I could barely even sleep! It was time me and my brother Tucker went and woke up my mom and dad and nagged them all morning. It was time to go we packed all the things we needed and went off when we got there we checked if I could be able to ride all the rides on the candy measuring and yes! I could ride all of them when we went inside there was so much to do we didn’t know what to do first then we decided to go on Lightning and Thunder. When we got on we had to get the jitters out on this ride so we are going up we could see everything and whoosh we went off it was roaring like an angry lion in our ears we went twisting and turningwe got the jitters out but wait we’re not done yet so fasten your seatbelt it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

After that we were thinking on what to ride and thinking bingo, Fahrenheit and when we were waiting it felt like a billion hours. When we got up there it looked really cool but my mom doesn’t like heights and when we got on the ride the look on her face was she was filled with fear and about to throw up you could tell she wasn’t happy and vroom off we went and it went so fast that it was over with a snap it was that fast. Next we had to get something to eat because we were like a pack of wolves hungry for whatever we saw. After we ate we saw the water park.

Me and my brother were full of energy after we ate and were ready for the water park and we went on the Vortex and we grabbed a tube for two and we waited till we were able to ride the Vortex and the water was coming at us and splash water comes at us from every direction it felt like a wave splashing on us. The water felt refreshing to us. The next ride was whirlwind and we raced to the top and we got on the ride when we were on the ride it was so fun I faced backwards and went down I felt like I flipped over but I was fine. That was one of the best summers in my life.